About Stereo Stone


StereoStone Inc. has been manufacturing architectural outdoor weatherproof speakers for more than 20 years. Beginning in 1988 with 3 models of rock speakers; (Classic Stone, Omni Stone and Stereo Stone), the StereoStone model line now boasts more than 100 different models available in six basic colors.

StereoStone Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing and distribution center started by brothers Ken and Gary Rottner. Ken Rottner came from a long background in the consumer electronics industry with an education in electronics. Gary Rottner has a degree in business and had owned/operated a manufacturing plant in the San Fernando valley for more than 30 years. The brothers now share the operation of the business with their sons Kevin ( more than 12 years with StereoStone coming from a background in distribution) and Alan ( 7 years in the family business after a career in multi-unit mgmt. in the restaurant industry).

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